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Professional Engineering Services

Licensed in the following States

  • Indiana

  • Nebraska

  • Iowa

  • Missouri

  • Illinois

  • Kansas

  • Wisconsin

  • Washington

  • Oregon

Engineering Consulting on Projects

Provide consulting services to review, evaluate, and provide various options available to the service provider.  This includes:

  • Design Analysis

    • Equipment layout​

    • Bill-of-Materials

    • Options

    • Recommendations

  • Optical Loss Budget

  • Wireless Loss Budget

Communications Design Work

Provide the design for the various parts that make-up the communications system.  These areas include:

  • Inside Plant

    • Central office​

    • Remote huts

    • Cabinets

    • Layout

    • Build-of-Materials

  • Outside Plant

    • Route layout​

    • Fiber sizing

    • Build-of-Materials

  • Campus

    • Layouts​

    • Equipment placement

    • Build-of-Materials

  • Active Networks

  • Passive Networks

Review, Sign and Seal for Projects

The designs can be reviewed by a Licensed Professional Engineer to ensure the design will meet the specifications defined by the service provider.  In addition, a review will be conducted to ensure the design will meet the specifications and requirements in accordance with all local, state and federal regulations.  Designs will also be reviewed to make sure they meet the National Electrical Code (NEC) and the National Electrical Safety Code (NESC).  This will apply to:  ​

  • Inside Plant

  • Outside Plant

  • Campus

CO & Ground Audits

​Provide Ground udits with the inspection of the Central Office (CO), remote hut and cabinets.  Equipment layout, equipment grounding, safety grounds, routing of the grounding cables in respect to power and communications cabling, location, size and configuration of various ground bars, and connections to other ground system associated with the communications facility.  Ground measurement will be made to ensure the system meets the requirements.  New or replacement ground field designs can also be produced by way of:

  • Inspection and measurements

    • Central Offices​

    • Remote Sites

  • Report

    • Findings ​

    • Recommendations

Federal grant programs

Assist clients in completing the design, Bill-of-Material, time line, and cost estimates for grant, loan and grant/loan programs through the United States Department of Agriculture Rural Utility Service (USDA RUS) programs and the Federal Communications Commission programs.  These include:

  • RUS Rural Broadband Loans, Loan/Grant Combinations, and Loan Guarantees

  • Telecommunications Infrastructure Loans and Loan Guarantees

  • Federal Communications Commission

    • Grants ​

    • Auctions

State grant programs

Assist clients in completing the design, Bill-of-Material, time line, and cost estimates for grant, loan and grant/loan programs provided by the state.

Loan Preparation

HunTel has been working on and preparing RUS Loan paperwork since 1972.  We have helped hundreds of of clients successfully apply for loans to rebuild their existing exchanges, purchase ​property and build into competitive markets.  The loan preparation, including the development of the initial system layout, generating a Bill-of-Materials for both the OSP, the CO and any remote locations.  Conduct reviews of environmental concerns, requesting all permits needed for the project and generate the route maps.  HunTel will work with the local jurisdictions on the location of buried plants located in the public Right-of-Way,  

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