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Mapping, Schematics and Plant Records

Mapping-Vendor Agnostic, AutoCAD, StellarRAD Systems, Innovative Systems and NISC

  • Roads

  • Landmarks

  • Customer locations & information

  • Pedestals & Poles

  • Cable (Fiber, Coax & Copper)

  • Strand

  • Conduit Systems

  • Data Files Hosted on our Servers

Staking Sheets

  • Mapping based construction sheets

Mapping and Billing Integration 

  • We will work with your billing vendor to integrate your maps and the billing database

Cloud Mapping

  • StellarVIEW

  • A browser-based application for the desktop (and mobile devices) enabling your engineers, plant techs, CSR's, sales, marketing and management personnel to see your companies facilities and subscriber data easily and securely.

  • Data Files Hosted on our Servers

Detailed Schematics - AutoCAD or Visio

  • Network Layout

  • Central Office / Head End Layout

  • Manhole layout

  • Node / Splitter Layout

  • Fiber Optic Splices

  • Rack Face Layout

Plant Records

  • We provide plant records that are tied to the CAD maps using a database.

  • The database is then used for Continuing Property Records (CPR's). 

  • We can provide detailed reports for CPR's, material list, route miles, etc.

One Call Database Management

  • We can provide, on your behalf, plant registration with the one call office for your state to keep your plant up to date on the one call system.  

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